Lyme Disease

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In this article we will see what is Lyme disease, also about the symptoms of Lyme disease. What precautions you should take against the Lyme disease. All this points will be discussed in our this new article. What are essential treatments you should take to cure Lyme diseass disease will be covered in this article.

What is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is tick borne illness which is caused due to bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. This disease is transferred to the human because of the infected ticks. Mostly because of the biting of infected ticks, this disease is spreading so quickly. This type of infected and bacteria carrying ticks are available in the many parts of the United States. In many parts of the United States, it is called due to Lym disease. This type of ticks mainly found in the areas such as grassy and wooded areas. If you are around this type of area then you are at the risk. There are chances of Lym disease you might feel some symptoms of Lym disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

This disease is widely spreading in some parts of the United States. So if you are doubtful about this disease then here are some symptoms of Lym disease so that you will get well information about it.

Lyme disease symptoms are as follows

Symptom 1

After the bite of tick there is a Lym disease rash but a small one.

Symptom 2

You will face fever headache fatigue and pain in joints.

Symptom 3

Now you will face the more problem in your joints, especially in the areas of knees. This pain can last for long time, it’s better to go to the doctor.

These are some signs of Lym disease. Most of the time people wait for the last stage and at the last stage the issue become so worst and above were the Lym disease symptoms in humans.

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How to test for Lyme disease

Most of the time, many people go to the doctor when the problem is increased so much. In the case of this disease, please don’t wait for the last stage, rush to the doctor as earliest possible. Firstly, the doctor will check your blood samples. So by checking the blood samples they will tell that what percent of bacteria is affecting your body. The test for Lym disease is called an ELISA test. After this test you have the second test it is called as Western blot test this test is just done to confirm that you have Lym disease or not.

How long does Lyme disease last

As it is open type of infection done by the ticks. So by the doctors or some of the data it is said that it takes up 2 to 4 weeks to cure the Lym disease. This time is interval is for only people have just at this stage one. But the people who are at the last stage having more joint pains. Then for that people Lym disease last up to 6 months or more and these things mainly depend upon the treatment if the treatment is on time. Then there are chances that this is will be cleared early.

What kinds of ticks carry Lyme disease ?

After getting this much information about this is, the people are curious about that which type of or what kind of ticks carry Lym disease. The black legged tick is responsible for the Lym disease. This type of take is mostly found in North eastern part of the United States. These is mainly living in the grassy and bushy area. So always keep in mind not to go near to this type of area.

Lyme disease in dogs

Just like human, dogs are also become the prey of this disease. Lym disease in dogs is complicated, just like the humans. This infection has really ruined the life of human and dogs both. After finding this disease in the dog, here are the sum of the questions which are people finding the answer for.

1. Symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs/ signs of Lyme disease in dogs

Symptoms may vary species to species, but here are some common symptoms of Lym disease in dogs.

Interior lameness, swollen nodes, swelling in joint, loss of appetite. The additional symptoms can be some complications in kidney.

2. Can Lyme disease in dogs be cured

Yes, just like the humans, there are also medical facilities available for the dogs to cure Lym disease in dogs. As compare to the humans, dogs can recover faster.

3. How to treat Lyme disease in dogs

Process for human and dog can be same, but in the case of dog most of the time the medicines used her of some higher power to recover faster. This disease can we treat throe antibiotics and doxycycline. Rather than this, doctor can recommend you the medication. Indian coming 3 to 4 weeks your dog will be alright.

Is Lyme disease contagious?

Though, this disease is spreading in the more quantity. After studying the data of this disease main doctors in scientist that there are no evidences that this disease is spreading person to person the main reason behind this disease is ticks. So we can’t say that Lyme disease contagious. The best reason to be away from this disease is to always stay away from the areas which is more grassy and Woody. Because it is the place for the ticks to hide.

Can Lyme disease kill you?

By doctors, it is said that it is one of the bacterial infection though it can’t kill a person but when Lym disease goes to the last stage in the last stage mainly the person is facing through the very severe joint and muscle pain other than this as also leads to the swelling. So there are some minor chances in the last days that if swelling is more than it can block the nerve.

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How long can you live with Lyme disease?

You can leave with Lym disease up to some couple of weeks, but if than it can go up to 1 year also.

Is Lyme disease curable?

Yes, definitely these diseases curable, but it’s depend upon the stage in which the patient is.

Is late stage Lyme disease curable ?

Yes, absolutely the let’s stage of this disease is also curable, but it takes time to get fully recover from this disease.

Do all ticks carry Lyme disease ?

No, not all carry Lyme disease, only the ticks with black-legged carry the disease.

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