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Hey guys in this article we will see the things related to bisleri such as bisleri share price bisleri owner bisleri bottle and many other things which are related to bisleri company.

It could be a short and informative article for those who are willing to get knowledge about the bisleri so here we are with the dedicated article on the bisleri.



What is bisleri?

Bisleri is one of the famous Indian brand which provides the filter water for all the people. It is one of the package drinking water provider company from India.

The bisleri bottle is very famous in the India as a package drinking water, many people personally like the bisleri water in their day-to-day life or in hotels.

Who owns bisleri?

Every time while drinking the bisleri water you may have come across the question that who is the owner of the bisleri.

The owner of bisleri company is Ramesh Chauhan. He is the founder of the bisleri company.

While started the company, no one was believing that any person can become rich while selling the water, but Ramesh Chauhan made a grand success by taking the company in the sky.

Chauhan has definitely made the bisleri company of brand and today everyone is knowing about that brand.

Ramesh Chauhan, owner of the bisleri

Chauhan Ramesh , the owner of bisleri company and the owner of the biggest mineral water provider company, was born on 17 June 1940.

Ramesh Chauhan was born in India in the Mumbai. At the age of 27 he took a step forward and introduced the package of drinking water.

In 1969 Ramesh Chavan got the bisleri company for just 40 lacs and from that the journey of bisleri company started in India.

When the bisleri company was started then further under the bisleri company Ramesh Chauhan started the products are the drinks such as Limca thumbs up maza and many others.

In the year 1993 Ramesh Chauhan sold all the soft drinks companies of the bisleri to the Coca-Cola, and he only focused on the package drinking water company bisleri. The network of Ramesh Chauhan bisleri is 91.7 crores.

Jayanti Chauhan

Jayanti Chauhan, the daughter of Ramesh Chauhan and the vice chairperson of the bisleri international company, is the Indian business.

Many of the people call the jayanti Chauhan bisleri basically jayanti Chauhan vice chairperson, so many of the people call Jayanthi Chauhan bisleri. Jayanti Chauhan was born in 1985.

Her birthplace is Delhi, she was born and brought up in Delhi only.

She has taken education in the field such as product development fashion institute and many other things which are related to the businesses and the fashion things

At the age of 24 Jayanthi Chauhan joint bisleri and took the Delhi office as her workplace.

After taking over the Delhi office, she has done many of the changes in the team building and many marketing strategies were updated by her.

Further, after working in the Delhi office, she was in Mumbai at the year 2011 and took charge of the Mumbai office of bisleri.

Why Jayanthi Chauhan is not taking over the bisleri company?

As many of the people call her Jayanthi Chauhan bisler but at the age when she took over the charge as a vice chairperson

in the bisleri company after working for many years she refused to take over the bisleri company which has the value of 7000 crores.

The main thing why she refuse to take over the bisler company was she was not interested in this business she was having the interest in business such as fashioning and digital marketing, so she is strictly refuse to take over the bisleri company.

Bisleri limonata

Just like bisleri bottles after acquiring the 60% of market of the package drinking water for the Ramesh Chauhan bisler started the soda called bisler Limonata.

It is also the famous soda is the soft drink of the bisleri company just like bisler bottles the bottles of this soft drink also are available for the sale.

The bisler limonata is available in 600 ml and 160 ml. Price of bisleri limonata is rs 10 per bottle.

You can surely purchase bisler limonata from the surrounding store, and you can enjoy the lemon soda of the bisleri company.

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What is the bisleri share price ?

While drinking the package drinking water from the bisler bottle many of the people have thought that what could be the price of bisler just to inform you the bisler is not listed in the Indian stock market.

So, as it is not listed in the Indian stock market, there is no share price of the bisler. Rather than this, Orient beverages, which is companies bottler. The share price of Orient beverages in 2023 is rupees 1.78.

Bisleri bottle in ml and bisleri bottle price

Below we are listing the bottles in the size of ml and what are the current bottle prices. So it would give you and short idea about the price of bisler bottles.

Bisleri 20 Litre Water Can – ₹110

●Bisleri 10 Litre Water Can – ₹90

Bisleri 5 Litre Water Can – ₹70

Bisleri 2 Litre Water Bottle – Rs 30

●Bisleri 1 Litre Water Bottle -₹20

Bisleri 500ml Water Bottle -Rs 10

Bisleri 250ml Water Bottle

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This was a short and informative article about the bisler, and also about the owner. We think that through this article we have given you the short information about the company. All the information covered in this article is trusted and real, no imaginary operations are performed on this article. Many people are searching for the bisler distributor near me or for the bisler water near me. You can search all of these things on Google Maps and you can definitely get the result. If you like this post, then make a nice comment, and thanks for visiting.

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Owned by which company?

Currently, this is owned by the Indian company.

Bisleri from which country

Bisleri is from the Indian company, which is handled by Ramesh Chauhan.

Who is the CEO of bisleri ?

Angelo George is the CEO of company.

Who is the founder of bisleri?

The founder is an Italian businessman called Felice bisleri.

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