Samsung S24 ultra

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Samsung s24, the future phone of the Samsung company. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy s23 now people are waiting for Samsung s24 ultra. Many people are eager to get s24.

Because by seeing the features of the previous model of Samsung, people are getting more attracted towards the upcoming version of this phone. There are many possibilities or prediction done regarding the s24. But till now no official announcement is done by the Samsung company.

Samsung s24 ultra release date

Samsung S24 ultra

The possibility of Samsung s24 release date is around or about February 2024. This release date of s24 is not announced officially, it is just a rumored date by some resources. After the launch of Samsung s23 over the time period of 1 month, many people were searching on the Google for Samsung s24 release date. Though the phone is not out and

not even a single leak of the phone is out, then also people are getting mad for s24. If in future the official announcement will be done by the Samsung company, we will update our article by that time. But till now this is the rumored release date of Samsung s24.

Samsung s24 specs

Till now Samsung s24 is not out in the market but then also we will try to provide you some predicted specifications of Samsung s24. So don’t be reliable on the specification provided below. By saying, the previous s23 model s24 can come up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon gen to processor.

The RAM variant can be same as 8 GB,12gb,16 GB. Display size of Samsung s24 can be 6.6 120 Hz AMOLED display, which is quite expected in s24. Please predict that s24 can I have Android 13 update which has been update secured an optimized. The colors of s24 can be little different from the previous version phones. Overall, s24 can be the well featured phone of Samsung company.

Samsung s24 ultra

After the s24, people are further searching for Samsung s24 ultra, many of the different questions are asked regarding the s24 ultra. If Samsung s24 comes up, then there is a great possibility that is s24 ultra will come out behind it.

Because by seeing the previous launch of Samsung they are launching both base and ultra variant phones at the same time which is quite impressive. In the below points we will see about Samsung s24 ultra release date, Samsung s24 ultra specification etc. about s24 ultra.

Samsung s24 release date

By seeing the previous launch of the Samsung company, there is a strong prediction is that s24 ultra will come up at the end weeks of the January and the starting week of the February. Just like yes 24 people are also waiting for Samsung s24 ultra. The ultra will also come with the best and futuristic features in built. Many big updates will be seen in the s24 ultra.

Samsung s24 Ultra specification

This specification of s24 ultra is not officially announced by the Samsung company, it is just a small prediction for the future phone s24 ultra. 6.8 inches (17.27 cm) of display which I will provide you 120hz refresh rate to enjoy your content nicely. The prediction for camera is about 200MP and front camera of 12 megapixels. The processor will carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 gen 3.

Just like other variants the RAM will also be same 8 GB,12 GB and 16 GB. Maine other additional features will be added in the future. Battery backup and the charging improvement will also be done in s24 ultra. It is possible that the weight of the phone will be reduced a little bit as compared to the others.

Samsung s24 ultra rumors

Some upcoming rumors of s24 ultra say that both the phones s24 and s24 ultra will possibly arrive in the month of February. Rather than this coming that the battery health and the capacity will be increased as compared to the previous mobiles.

S24 rumors claim that this time many additional colors will be added in the both variants used s24 and s24 ultra. Rumors also show possibility that the charging time of the phone will be reduced and optimization will be done in the phone to increase the battery life.

Samsung s24 ultra colors

As the phone is not out in the market, so there are very fewer possibilities that we can get the colors of s24 ultra. More over, with think that the colors which were used in the previous version of the Samsung will be continued in this version only. there will be some slight changes in the mobile, this changes will be negligible and all the changes will be made in the color combination of s 24 ultra. You can visit and see the old color combination of s24.

Samsung Galaxy s24 ultra price in USA

The prediction for Samsung Galaxy s24 ultra price in the USA is about 1899 USD. Which is quite comparable to s23 this is not an official price of s24, it is just a rumor. After the launch, there can be a slide difference between the price of s24. fter the launch, possibly this phone will be available at the low cost after including all the discounts. After the discounts it will be probably at the price of 1799 USD which will be quite affordable to the sum people who are the big fan of Samsung.


This was a quick review about Samsung s24 and Samsung s24 ultra.

All the price range specification and other different things covered in upper points are just the prediction, don’t trust on them now. These points are just rumors which are spread on the YouTube and internet.

After the launch,

it is possible that some rumors will be true. If you need any additional information regarding z24 or s24 ultra, make a comment down, we will come up with the new article. If you like this article then drop a comment down to like this article do visit our website again.


How much is Samsung s24 in the USA?

799 USD is the price of Samsung s24 in the USA.

How much is the Samsung s24 ultra?

as the phone is not out till now, the price is not confirmed.

When did s24 ultra come out?

The release date of s24 is not out till now.

Will there be is s24 ultra ?

Yes, it is possible that there will be s24 ultra in the market.

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