Don 3 Release date

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Don 3 Release date

Don 3 most awaited movie will be out in the theaters in upcoming months. The shooting of movie has been started character cast crew has confirmed. What is the release date when it will be shooting completed, many of such questions will answer in this article.

The news coming up says that the role of Shahrukh Khan in movie is replaced by Ranveer Singh, which was a very unexpected thing. Teaser of the movie is out, there are many expectations from this film. Due to the craze of Shahrukh Khan people wear eagerly waiting For the Don 3 to come up but suddenly the change of producer or the casting members signed up Ranveer Singh for the role of don.

Don 3 release date

Don 3 release date

Few days ago movie title announcement and is done by Excel movies. In that, we can see that the main character of Shahrukh Khan has been replaced with Ranveer Singh. Many people got disappointed by the decision of replacing Shahrukh Khan with Ranveer Singh.

Don 3 release date is said to be 2025 which is a very long period. It just a predicted date by the crew members

. Do the date is for long but then also people are waiting for the movie to come up as quick as possible. Don 3 release date final.

Don 3 cast

There is possibility that in future there will be changes in the cast of Don 3.

As the teaser of the title of the movie is out, not all the cast in crew is shown in the video.

But possibility for cast and crew is with the old actors who have worked in Don 2.

The list of cast and crew in movie is not out till now, but the possibilities shown that the main role of Don is carried by Ranveer Singh

. And also the Farhan Akhtar will be working in the film, but it’s just and possibility no confirmation is done by the movie producer or directors.

As we know, the Don 2 was in the mind-blowing and mind tempting movie,

so it can be possible that half of the cast will be of the Don 2 just to maintain the highpe of Don movie. But in some days or months,

slowly the cast and crew of Don will become up. Because as the title video was not expected as early, so there can be some unexpected thing about the movie cast also.

Don 3: Ranveer Singh

Movie teaser is out on YouTube in the title of the teaser we can see that the role of Don is continued by Ranveer Singh,

it was very unexpected thing for all the fans of movie. People were expecting that Shahrukh Khan will take over the role of Don and Don 3, but the condition has totally changed.

But till the movie is not out we can’t predict anything about it’s just a beginning that the title of movie is out and the new is confirmed that don’t three will come up very early. But as we discussed that not all things are cleared about the Don 3 just and title video is out.

Don 3 full movie will definitely answer our all questions which are in the people’s mind. People were expecting that don 3 release date is 2023 but by the title video please confirm that the movie will come out or the release date of movie is 2025 which will take more than 2 years till now. We can’t say that the role of Don 3 will be continued by Ranveer Singh or not, there is possibility that there can be some twist and turns in the movie.

Don 3 director

Movie is directed by the famous filmmaker Farhan Akhtar. The news is said that movie is written by Farhan Akhtar. So people are having very curiosity that what will be the story of Don 3. And it is also confirmed by the Farhan Akhtar that Ranveer Singh is confirmed for the role of Don, there will be no changes in the lead actor of movie.

Farhan Akhtar is one of the famous Indian actor singer, so people are expecting the best story of Don 3. The possibility is given that after some months the teaser of movie will come up, so people are expecting that in that teaser they will predict the story line of movie.

But people are just expecting the things from the filmmakers. As the release date of movie is 2025, so it is rarely possible that teaser will come fast. Director of Don 2 is also Farhan Akhtar, so definitely the story line of movie will be nice.

Don 3 heroine

In Don 3 chase ends the heroines are Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez. These heroines are confirmed for the movie. Movie characters rather than hero and heroine is not confirmed till now.

As hero and heroines of movie are confirmed, so slowly other characters will be also out in some days. Full movie with carried by Ranveer Singh as it is confirmed by Farhan Akhtar. And about three are the heroines of Don 3 full movie.


This is all for the movie, if any other Don 3 news comes up we will absolutely inform you about that. Movie characters are very changed as compared to don 2. But this is the confirmation of filmmakers, so people can’t do anything about it.

Many other questions related to Don 3 are covered in the upper points, if you like this article on movie, please make a comment below. If you need any additional information regarding movie then also you can comment us down. Other updates related to movie will be covered in the further articles, so stay visiting our website. Thank you.


Who is the new Don in Don 3?

Ranveer Singh is the new Don.

Has don 3 been released?

No movie has not been release till now.

Is Don 3 confirmed?

Yes, movie is confirmed.

Is Farhan Akhtar working on Don 3?

Yes, Farhan Akhtar is working on movie, and he has announced the title of movie.

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