Whe did Avatar Movie Released ? 17 December 2009

What is the story behind Avatar The Movie? the violent displacement of indigenous people from their jungle homes on a planet called Pandora, as a ruthless company searches for a precious mineral.

What is the main message of Avatar? Honor the sacred

Why is the Avatar movie so important? Avatar brings forward the true nature of how humans have chosen to treat the land.

Is Avatar movie based on real life? The Last Airbender was partly inspired by a real-life shipwreck that happened in the early 1900s in Antarctica.

The biggest movie in the world? Avatar $2,923,898,794

Why do people love Avatar so much? Avatar is one of the most creative pieces of cinematography and has made more things in film achievable.

What is the ending of Avatar? Jake's avatar opening his eyes urgently, suggesting that the process did indeed work, and that Jake can now go on living as a true Na'vi.

How many avatars are there? roughly 181

Why are the people in Avatar blue? was James Cameron who chose the blue color, but the designers decided which shade of blue.

What are Avatar people called? the Na'vi

How tall is the avatar? nine to ten feet

How tall is the avatar? nine to ten feet